The Irisari Story

Built along an impression in the consorts of creative gifts of one family, it is a concept that marries art and inspiration from inception to completion. IRISARI is a story of love, family, strength, struggle and unwavering faith. How challenge can turn into an inspiration and opportunity. The dream and aspiration of a family business saw fruition through their collaborative efforts. The exposure to art in various mediums and to hand-crafted jewelry influenced their own careers as jewelry, visual and interior designers. This passion and acculturation became apparently inherent. The eldest son, Irisari, continued this passion with his own design expressions of modern simplicity, classic elegance and a subtle boldness. The taste for the exquisite men’s jewelry was born. In 2014, the family pulled their talents and resources together to introduce the IRISARI WOMAN.

Your Very Personal Jeweler

We believe that every person’s fashion sense and style truly belongs to one’s own. The character, personality and taste is unique to each individual. The individuality must be honed and personal expressions amplified. We aim to achieve harmony between your style, taste and preference with our expertise in design and execution. Very personal means getting to know the customer’s personal preference, lifestyle, tastes etc to effectively create jewelry that reflect this aspect of the person.

After more than 35 years of combined experience and three generations of jewelers, gemologists, artists, designers and manufacturers, our designs and creations are now ready to be shared. As we expand our reach and customer base, our online store is available for purchases and custom orders.

The Story Behind the Logo

The logo of three molten metals represents the three metallic elements of Platinum, Gold and Silver. The recurrence of the number three in this family’s story is almost spiritual as well as symbolic for it is said that the number three invokes expression, versatility, and pure joy of creativity. The rule of thirds is the dominant design guideline.

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The Inspiration

"I've always had a fascination with creating my own jewelry. A discerning taste for simple, classic and elegant designs exude confidence and an identity uniquely ones own."

Jewelry Designer